Looking after the environment

Through our Drainage 2030 programme we will completely transform our sewer network to make it fit for the future, with smart technologies that can predict and prevent sewer blockages and burst pipes. We’ll also promote the use of more soakaways and water butts to divert rainwater from the sewers during heavy rain, and the creation of more green spaces in our towns and cities.


Spotlight on Catchment First

A catchment is the area of land drained by a river – including groundwater, estuaries and coastal areas. We have nine water catchments in our region.

Through our Catchment First programme we’re working with stakeholders, farmers and landowners to create a safer, more reliable water supply by considering whole catchments. We’re working with farmers to reduce pesticides and nitrates from fertilisers entering streams and rivers, as it simplifies the water treatment process at our sites. We’re also working with local authorities and developers to promote sustainable drainage systems that safely remove surface water during heavy rain.

Ultimately, taking a more natural, catchment-focused view can be cheaper than more traditional engineering approaches – which helps keep costs down and bills more affordable.

I've had problems with flooding from a blocked sewage system. People flush things that block drains.

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