Taking care of water

We're taking the lead in looking after the South East's most precious resource, but everyone has a part to play – from big changes to how we supply water and wastewater services, to simple things we can all do around the home.

We’re reducing the amount of water lost to leakage with large investments to upgrade and replace our water mains, and by using advanced tech like drones and satellites to spot leaks early. We’ll also replace 30 smaller reservoirs with eight new ones and invest in more automation around the network.

We’re working with local authorities and developers to encourage the building of new homes that use the latest water-efficiency technology. And our Target 100 programme will help all of us in the region to work together to cut the amount of water we use.


Spotlight on Target 100

In a future of more people in the South East sharing less water, we all need to do the simple things that help reduce the amount we use.

Target 100 is our long-term plan to cut daily use to 100 litres per person by 2040, and to 120 litres by 2025 (from around 129 litres today). In turn, we’ll reduce the amount of water we lose through leakage from our pipes by 15% by 2025 and by 40% by 2040.

We’ll help you make the saving by upgrading all home meters to smart meters that show real-time information on how much water you’re using. We’ll help you with water-saving tips, gadgets and advice on water-saving products. And our support for the Refill campaign with local retailers will promote free water refills to customers. 

They should be fixing all leaks. It is such a waste of water.

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