Stakeholder Engagement

Working collaboratively with stakeholders at national, regional, and local level is an essential part of how we run our business. We have a wide range of stakeholders, from politicians and local councils to environmental groups and community groups.

We work with these groups to support delivery of our priorities, shape and scrutinise our plans and influence policy makers to secure the best outcomes for customers, communities, and the environment. Stakeholders also rightly want to hold us to account on our performance and we’re working with key groups to demonstrate progress on our company transformation.  


What we do
What we do

We lead engagement with politicians, government officials, key national bodies, local councils, and community groups. We focus our engagement on the issues that matter most to our stakeholders such as growth and development, healthy rivers and seas, and water security.

We also help to co-ordinate stakeholder engagement activity across the business to support key strategic programmes. Many of our objectives are aligned with those of our stakeholders and we work to enable and facilitate collaboration and partnership working.




Our activities
  • Strategic engagement to support the development of our Water Resources Management Plan, Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan, Long-Term Delivery Strategy and Business Plan for 2025-30.
  • Working with Water UK and others across the sector to influence the national debate on the value of water.
  • Local engagement programme including site visits for MPs, Councillors, and other interest groups.
  • Participating in external committees, panels, conferences, and other forums.
  • Regular stakeholder newsletters with updates on key activities across the region.


To contact the team, please email: [email protected]

Stakeholder newsletters

Fact sheets


'We engage with public consultations because they allow us to shape future policy and regulation, both directly related to our operations and our wider context. By participating in these consultations, we can provide feedback on propositions and suggest changes that would better enable us to serve our customers and protect the environment.'

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