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Hampshire faces water shortages. New water sources are necessary to keep local taps and rivers flowing today and in the future. Our Water for Life – Hampshire programme will create greater resilience, especially during dry weather and drought.

Adapting to a changing world

Our world is changing – the twin pressures of more extreme weather events and a growing population are stretching our finite natural resources, including water.

This challenge is felt strongly in the water-stressed South East, particularly in Hampshire following new rules over how much water we can take from the county’s two main rivers – the Test and Itchen.

These rivers are protected by environmental laws that limit how much water can be removed to supply to the public. Due to recent changes to our licences, we now have a shortfall of water in south Hampshire when the weather is dry.

Further licence changes are expected – which could increase the shortfall to around 190 million litres a day by 2030 during drought conditions.

Our current WRMP plans to make up this shortfall by 2027. To achieve this, we’ve launched Water for Life – Hampshire.

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Water shortages in Hampshire


Addressing the shortfall

Between now and 2030, we’re investing to improve how we source, treat and supply water across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

The programme will reduce the amount of water we source from the Test and the Itchen by creating a modern water supply network. The result will be a resilient water supply for our customers and the environment, whatever the weather.

Find out what we’re doing to address the shortfall:

What we're doing



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