Water Resources Management Plan 2024

We would like to hear from you

We are in the early stages of developing our new Water Resources Management Plan which sets out how we will maintain secure supplies to customers and we would like your views and ideas to help us. The South East of England is water stressed, which means that there is not much water to go around so we need to make best use of the water which is available. With climate change and population growth we have an even larger challenge to overcome. As part of the five year Water Resources Management Plan cycle, we review options to ensure there is sufficient water for both customers and the environment. We are currently working closely with the other water companies in the South East of England to develop a plan for the region to provide resilient water supplies up to 2100. We will use the solutions from the regional plan to develop our own Water Resources Management Plan.

We are asking you, our valued customers and stakeholders, whether you have any ideas for improving water resilience in the South East and to consider how they might affect the environment. We will review all options submitted to us to test their feasibility to help provide sustainable water supplies to customers. These options may then feature in our final plan.

We are also interested to hear from any individuals or organisations who may have new sources of water, shared sources of water, transfers, demand management solutions, leakage services or catchment management improvements which they are willing to trade with us? Our approach to reviewing any option which is proposed is set out in our Bid Assessment Framework, which we confirm is the most up to date version.


Getting in touch

We would like to hear from you and would appreciate your views on potential options for the South East regional plan and our own Water Resources Management Plan. Please fill out this template and send it to [email protected] with the subject header WRMP options.


Our current plan

Our latest Water Resource Management Plan was published in 2019 and can be read here.

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