Supporting people with mental health challenges

December 2021

Abi Harley
Community & Individuals Fundraiser
Heads On, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s charity

What’s the challenge?

The festive season can be an exceptionally hard time for people admitted to hospital, especially since the global pandemic. Being away from family and friends can make what is often described as the 'most wonderful time of the year’, really difficult. For someone with mental health challenges, such as dementia or psychosis, or for young people with anxiety and depression, facing being admitted to hospital at this time of year can be particularly hard. The pandemic means that patients with deteriorating mental health may struggle to understand why no-one comes to see them, or why they can't socialise with fellow patients unless socially distanced or wearing masks.

What’s being done about it?

Working with local charity Heads On, our employees have volunteered to support members of our community facing these challenges by providing hand-written messages of kindness and encouragement. Patients can receive these messages on Christmas Day to bring joy and hope.   

What are the benefits for our customers?

This project helps to support vulnerable people in our community at a very difficult time of the year. The Sussex charity running the project enables people with mental health challenges to feel supported, stay active and be more involved in their communities. Our employees are proud to have been part of this positive initiative.

Thank you to Southern Water employees who have volunteered to support and help Heads On provide messages of compassion and hope to inpatients across Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s services over the festive season.

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