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Paul Thirlwell

Delivery driver Paul Thirlwell had given up hope of ever working again after being involved in a serious car crash.


But following extensive counselling for post traumatic stress disorder he felt ready to return to the workplace.

The former soldier learned about Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) Employment Solutions at his local job centre and through them signed up for a work experience programme with Southern Water.

With the welcoming attitude of his new work colleagues and the ongoing support of his RBLI personal adviser Paul found himself thriving in the work experience.

And when a permanent position arose he found the confidence to put himself forward.


He impressed managers with his enthusiasm and his knowledge of the business and was employed full-time as an operator, inspecting and maintaining wastewater treatment works.

For more information on Employment Solutions, contact the RBLI on 0800 783 1144 or employerservices@rbli.co.uk.

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