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Peacehaven Wastewater Treatment Works

This state-of-the-art wastewater treatment works is covered by one of the largest green roofs in Europe so that it blends in with the surrounding landscape.



Construction started in 2009 on a site covering more than 36 hectares. More than one million cubic metres of earth were moved, all of it reused on site as part of the extensive landscaping.

At the peak of construction, and with cranes dominating the skyline, more than 400 people were working on the site at Peacehaven.

Take a look at our timelapse film showing the construction of the works.

Wastewater was introduced in September 2012, marking the start of the commissioning phase when we start testing the equipment.

The footprint of the works covers one third of the construction site, with the remainder returned to agriculture to the north and the south developed into a new park for the local community.

Green roof

The living green roof covers an area of around 18,000m², the equivalent of three football pitches. A specially selected grass mix was chosen to ensure the works blends in with the downland landscape.

The green roof
is one of the largest in Europe and was designed so that the works blends in with the surrounding landscape

The green roof at Peacehaven

Tackling smells

An extensive odour control system extracts and treats all smells linked to the treatment processes on site.

The three-stage process, consisting of an acid and alkali treatment plus carbon polishing, is applied before the cleaned air is released through a chimney-like structure.

A combined heat and power (CHP) unit on site allows us to use the gases produced during the treatment processes to generate power.

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