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New pipelines

New pipelines in Kent, Sussex and Hampshire to move water around the region to where it is most needed and extend the mini grid in the South East.

Volume of additional water transferred:

38 million litres of water each day




Kent, West Sussex and Hampshire.

We have three schemes to install new pipelines to extend and connect our own network of water mains. These will help us move water from where we have a surplus to where it is most needed. 

In Kent, we are installing a 6.9km pipeline to connect Wigmore and Borstal. This will help balance water supplies between Medway and Thanet and is due to be in place by 2017. 

In Sussex, we are laying the first section of a three-stage pipeline, which will strengthen our connections between north Sussex and the Worthing and Brighton areas when fully completed in 2037. The first stage is a 0.7km pipeline near Pulborough in West Sussex. 

In Hampshire, we are planning to lay a 22km pipeline to link our water supply works at Testwood, near Southampton, and Otterbourne, near Winchester, by 2018–19. This will help us balance the amount of water we take from the River Test, the River Itchen and other water sources during droughts to secure drinking water supplies for all of our customers in southern Hampshire. 

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