Portsmouth Water

We share almost 300,000 customers with Portsmouth Water in the Portsmouth and Havant area.

The following information is designed to help customers who receive water supply charges from Portsmouth Water and wastewater charges from us.

You receive two bills because the water and wastewater services to your property are supplied by two different companies, Portsmouth Water for water services and Southern Water for wastewater services.

Portsmouth Water provides us with all the information we need to bill your metered wastewater charges.

Your water company will provide us with the meter details and we'll base our charges on the readings provided.  

We can't meter the water that returns to the sewer for treatment because not all the water you use returns to the sewer. We've assessed the typical percentage return as 92.5 per cent and so we bill based on a 'standard return to sewer' of this amount. 

This means that for every 100 cubic metres supplied, we will bill for 92.5 cubic metres. 

Please contact Portsmouth Water.

If there are any problems with the meter that require a change to your bill, we will be notified automatically.

If it's not possible to meter your water supply, you will switch from paying unmetered charges to paying assessed charges. These are calculated in various ways, for example the number of bedrooms in your home, or on single occupancy.

Where a wastewater-only customer is placed on an assessed measured charge for water services, we will also switch that customer to assessed wastewater charges. 

In this situation, we use Portsmouth Water's method of assessment to calculate our wastewater charges.

Each independent water company has its own method of calculating assessed measured charges and therefore our wastewater charges reflect those differences.

If the number of occupants in your property changes, please contact Portsmouth Water, who'll inform us.

The table below shows our charges for 2018–19 for your area.

Assessed charges

Rate Charges for year
(not including Surface Water Drainage charge)
Charges for year
(including Surface Water Drainage charge)
Rate 1 (one bedroom property with a single occupant) £151.13 £176.32
Rate 2 (all other properties) £232.39 £257.58