I need a water connection for my property

If you’re building a new house or making house improvements, you’re probably going to need help with two things: a new water connection to our water main - so that there is a water supply in your house, and a connection to our public sewer - to take sewage away.

Please check our Water Connection page to understand if this application is right for your project.


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Here are the steps that we will take to get you connected

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Water connection
  1. You apply online and pay your application fee

    Fill in our online form and pay your application fee. We’ll review your application within 5 days.

  2. We provide your quote

    We carry out a site survey and produce the construction costs for your project within 28 days. Please refer to our water connection calculator to understand the approximate costs.

  3. You accept your quote and pay for the works

    You review the quote, accept and pay for the construction works, along with filling in our water regulations questionnaire.

  4. We complete the water regulations review

    You’ll need to fill in water fittings information which we will review within 10 days. For high-risk projects we may need to carry out an inspection.

  5. You lay your private supply pipe

    You may need to arrange a contractor to lay a private supply pipe from your property.

  6. You book your site inspection

    When your private supply pipe is laid, you’ll need to request an inspection before we complete your connection.

  7. We complete your water connection and install your meter

    Once we’ve completed our inspection, we then complete the water connection and install a meter within the next 21 days.

  8. You register your new billing account

    Your new water supply is now live. Register your new billing account for the water bills to be addressed to you.

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