I need to connect to the public sewer

You’ll need a sewer connection when building a new home, so that we can connect your property to the public sewer. 

Any new connection to our public sewer will need our approval and will be dealt through the sewer connection application process. Even if you are only re-using an existing sewer connection, we’ll need to approve a connection and any changes to the capacity flows. It is an offence to connect into our sewers directly or indirectly without our formal approval.

Please check our page Sewer Connection to understand if this application is right for your project.


GetConnected portal

We have made it easier to connect with us. You can apply, make payments, track your project and talk to us using our GetConnected portal.


Here are the steps that we will take to get you connected

Don't worry, we’ll be in touch along the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Sewer connection
  1. You apply online and pay your application fee

    Fill in our online form and pay your application fee. We’ll review your application within 5 days.

  2. We send you our approval

    We’ll do a technical review of your application and send you our decision or request further information on your proposal within 21 days.

  3. You carry out your work

    You’ll need to obtain necessary permits and arrange your contractor to connect into our sewer.

  4. You book your site inspection

    Request a site inspection to ensure that your connection has been carried out correctly.

  5. We send you a completion letter

    Once we are happy that your connection complies with our requirements, we’ll send you a completion letter.

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