Self-lay providers

As an alternative to having new water mains and service connections laid by us, you can choose your own contractor, also known as self-lay providers (SLP). Once the SLP has completed your project, we’ll then adopt the water network, as long as it meets our requirements.

Finding a self-lay provider

To make sure all work is carried out to national industry standards, self-lay providers must be accredited to the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS), run by Lloyd's Register.

You can find a WIRS accredited self-lay provider, along with information about the scheme, on the Lloyd's Register website.


Our services to self-lay providers

If you’re a self-lay provider looking to complete a development in our network, here are the steps to help you with your project.

Don't worry, we’ll be in touch along the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Self- lay applications
  1. You email us a Point of Connection enquiry

    Fill in the form and email it to us. Pay for the service. We’ll review your enquiry within 5 days.

  2. We email you Point of Connection report

    We’ll send your report within 14 days. If your site is complex, the timescale will increase to 28 calendar days.

  3. You email us S51 application and pay the application fee

    You complete your design and submit S51application form (or S41 to S51 conversion), contaminated land assessment form and email it to us. Pay your application fee.

  4. We accept your design

    We’ll assess your design and will respond to you within 14 days. Along with your design acceptance, we’ll send you a form which you need to sign before we can progress.

  5. You pay non-contestable costs

    You’ll also need to pay non-contestable costs.

  6. You sign the adoption agreement

    An adoption agreement will need to be signed by all parties.

  7. You carry out construction works

    We’ll arrange a meeting with you. Fill in a few forms and send it to us along with any supporting documents. Each week, you’ll need to email us a ‘whereabouts’ form with details of any work being carried out.

  8. You progress with individual connections

    If you are carrying out connections by yourself, you’ll need to send us some paperwork before and after you complete the connection.

  9. We email you declaration of vesting

    Once we have reviewed the documents, we’ll send you a declaration of vesting.

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