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Pumping Station Data Collection

We have no records of private pumping stations and their locations, but we want to plan ahead and start recording this information in anticipation of the transfer.

The programme for the transfer of private pumping stations will depend on the number of pumping stations to be transferred, their existing condition, and the amount of work required to ensure they are serviceable and meet health and safety requirements.

We need to identify, locate, and estimate the general costs to upgrade private pumping stations, in order to plan the necessary work

We would be grateful if those property owners served by a private pumping station could complete the data collection form so that we can start preparing teams to survey and record the required data.

After collecting this information we will create a map of all the pumping stations in its region then arrange to inspect each pumping station to assess the level of work required. 

Those who submit the contact form will be contacted in due course.

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