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Pumping station data collection form

In 2011 all sewerage companies adopted private sewers and lateral drains, we are now taking ownership of all eligible privately owned pumping stations.

  1. Why is Southern Water taking ownership of our pumping station? 
    • In 2010 DEFRA proposed that sewerage companies take ownership of private sewers and their associate assets.

      Incorporated with the legislation was the adoption of private pumping stations, as the sewerage companies held very little information sewerage undertakers were given until October 2016 to transfer ownership. To be eligible the pumping stations are required to meet all 4 criteria:

      1) Be built before July 2011
      2) Serve 2 or more property curtilages (or if 1 property the pumping would need to be located outside that property boundary). A block or flats is considered a single cartilage
      3) The pumping station must drain into a Southern Water Sewer
      4) The pumping station must not be part of a private treatment works

      A surveyor would be in touch to confirm the status after the web form has been submitted. The remaining FAQs are for sites that have been considered Eligible for adoption.
  2. What is Southern Water now responsible for? 
    • Southern Water is now responsible for the maintenance, upkeep and associated running cost of the station.

      We are also responsible for the rising/pumped main from the pumping station to the point it joins our network.
  3. What will I be charged for in the future? 
    • Customers being served by the pumping station will not incur any ongoing costs for the pumping station, the site will be integrated into our current asset base and you will no longer be responsible for the associated costs.
  4. Will Southern Water make changes to the pumping station? 
    • We may upgrade the pumping station and its associated equipment if we feel it needs to be brought up to our safe and serviceable standard.

      Where possible may also fit telemetry to sites to ensure that we are aware of any problems before they arise and impact you.
  5. When will this work be completed? 
    • This will depend on the complexity of the work to be carried out. We have contractors ready to carry out the work, and will be aiming to have it completed as soon as possible.
  6. Will I have access to the kiosk after transfer? 
    • No, due to health and safety reasons you will no longer be able to access the kiosk or lift the cover to the wet well chamber.
  7. Will I have to cancel any current maintenance contracts that are serving this station? 
    • Yes, Southern Water will be taking on all associated maintenance of the pumping station, you will therefore no longer require a maintenance contractor to look after the pumping station.
  8. What should I do if I have any concerns or complaints? 
    • If there are any immediate concerns or health and safety issues please ring our technical control centre on 0330 303 0368.
  9. How often will my pumping station be serviced? 
    • The operations department will be out biannually to check the pumping station is operating correctly and perform planned maintenance.
  10. What should I do if there’s a problem with the pumping station before telemetry has been fitted? 
    • Until we fully upgrade the site we will be unaware of any issues. If you believe there to be a problem with the pumping station before this point then please report it to our technical control centre on 0330 303 0368.
  11. What should I do in an emergency? 
    • If you believe it to be an emergency to which there is a genuine risk to life or property then please call the emergency services, explain where you are, including the area and postcode, the number you are calling from and what the problem is. Then please notify Southern Water on 0330 303 0368.
  12. Will we receive regular information on service schedules and activity? 
    • If there is a need to notify you due to access requirements then we will do so, otherwise we will undertake the work without prior notice.

This is a standard email service

By completing this form you agree to Southern Water sharing this data with its contractor/s for the sole purpose of identifying and recording the location and arranging for a possible detailed site inspection.

We have adopted the sewers upstream of the pumping station on October 1, 2011, but not the pumping station or the rising main. These will be adopted progressively up to October 2016. However, data collection can be done now in order to record location and undertake condition survey assessments at some sites.

To complete this form you will need:

  • Your name and address
  • Telephone number
  • Maintenance contract details, if known
  • Pumping station location
  • Number of properties served

Items marked * must be filled in

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Please now Submit to send the completed email form to Southern Water. You will also be able to print a confirmation copy for your records.

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