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Water re-use

To recycle treated wastewater to the River Medway to abstract downstream and treat to high drinking water standards.

Volume of additional water available:

20 million litres of water each day




Medway area in Kent.

Water re-use was one of the preferred options chosen by customers in consultations during the development of this plan because it secures resilient supplies which can be relied on even during droughts. 

The scheme would involve recycling wastewater which has been treated to higher than usual standards at Aylesford Wastewater Treatment Works. The treated water would then be pumped through a pipeline and recycled upstream to the River Medway. The water would then be abstracted further downstream and treated to the highest drinking water standards before being put into supply. 

This is a joint scheme with South East Water and will provide a significant new resource in Kent to help meet demand in one of the fastest growing regions. It also increases the resilience of water supplies and protects the ecology in the river during droughts. 

This scheme is not due to come into operation until 2022, however, between 2015–20 we will consult with our customers and apply for planning and other permissions to upgrade the treatment works and lay new pipelines.

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