Does my customer need a consent?

If a customers property is within our region and they’re proposing to discharge trade effluent to the public sewer, they’ll need our prior written consent.

If they’re a tenant on a private industrial estate or discharge to a private sewer which connects to the public sewer, they’re still required to obtain a trade effluent consent.

Temporary discharges

A customer will need prior written permission if they intend to discharge trade effluent to the public sewer on a temporary basis. This can be for any period up to six months.

Examples include heating system flushing and groundwater remediation. We may be able to advise the customer in advance of any specific discharge requirements or restrictions that might be put in place.

Discharging without consent

If a customer is currently discharging trade effluent without a consent, you must contact us immediately and contact your customer to inform them of their requirements.

It is an offence under section 118 of the Water Industry Act 1991 to discharge trade effluent without consent.

Failure to obtain a consent may lead to enforcement action being taken and prosecution.