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River abstraction

The process of taking water from rivers is known as abstraction. Here we show the abstraction points for 10 of the rivers in our region.

Water companies are licensed to abstract water from rivers by the Environment Agency, which monitors the process to make sure the effects are not damaging to the eco-system.

We abstract water from 10 rivers across our service area and use five surface reservoirs – Bewl Water, Weir Wood, Powdermill,  Darwell and Testwood Lakes. The table below shows the amount of water we are licensed to abstract from local rivers:

Licence to abstract
River Licensed abstraction total (ml)* Licensed time period
Teise 56,818 Oct–Sep (over a five-year period)
Medway 260,000 Oct–Sep
Medway 37,700 Oct–Sep
Brede 1,000 Jan–Dec
Rother 8,182.73 Apr–Mar
Itchin 16,638 Jan–Dec
Test 49,915.08 Jan–Dec
Great River Stour 3,360 Jan–Dec
Western Rother Daily river abstraction of 75. Annual is combined with groundwater to total 37,375 Apr–Mar
Eastern Yar 5,475 Jan–Dec
Medina 15 Jan–Dec

* ml = megalitres (one million litres)

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