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Saving water

  • Peter the meter

    Peter the Meter

    Learn about a day in the life of a water meter with Peter the Meter.
  • How to save

    How to save – introduction

    We're installing water meters across the South East. We show you how you can save water, save energy and save money on your household bills.
  • Water efficient shower

    How to save with a water efficient shower

    Our water efficiency advisor Ashley Marshman helps you discover how efficient your shower is and how to make simple water and energy savings.
  • Tap aerators

    How to save with tap aerators

    Fitting aerators to taps is a quick and easy way to make savings on your water and energy bills. Water efficiency advisor Harriet Coombs shows you how.
  • Water butt

    How to install a water butt

    Plants love rainwater and you can save money by collecting rain from your roof for garden watering. Our water efficiency advisor Paul Sear shows you how to install a water butt.
  • How to make your flush more efficient

    How to make your flush more efficient

    A third of all water used in the home is flushed down the toilet. We show you how to make your flush more efficient.
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