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Service standards for business customers

These pages detail our commitments to our business customers and explain the minimum standards of service you can expect in our main areas of activity.

We are recognised by Ofwat (the independent regulator) as providing a high level of customer service in a wide range of areas including continuity of water supply, water pressure and quality, meter reading and account enquiries.

Our customer service standards for business customers

We understand how vital this is for our business customers and aim to maintain it at all times.

We receive more than 1.5 million customer contacts a year and we operate 3,000 works and pumping stations, together with a vast network of water mains and public sewers.

Additional services

Specifically for our business customers, we are pleased to be able to offer a range of additional services including water efficiency audits and advice, water regulations advice and inspection, and LandSearch (commercial and environmental searches).


Once your GSS payment has been determined, Southern Water will make the payment to your Retailer, who will then pass it to you.

Please refer to our Non-household Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) policy document for further information.

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