Water and wastewater services for Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
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Guidance, timescales and information on the water and wastewater services we provide to developers.

  1. Enquiries 
    • Enquiries may be made by telephone or in writing. We will respond to written within working days.
  2. Self-lay water mains 
    • Guidance on the requirements from the initial application and proposals through to entering into a formal agreement and completion of the work on site, with subsequent adoption of the main by Southern Water, is contained in the current edition of the ‘Code of Practice for Self-laying of Water Mains and Services – England and Wales’ published by WRc (email request to publications@wrcplc.co.uk).

      In addition, you can download the Southern Water Company specific addendum.
  3. Quotations for water service connections 
    • Requests should be made in writing. We will provide a written quotation within 10 working days – either as a budget estimate or basis of contract – once all the relevant information has been received.

      Guidance on the information required is given on the application form, which can be downloaded from our website. Quotations are time-limited to three months.
  4. Water main diversions and requisitions 
    • We will provide an outline response and quotation within 20 working days. The turnaround time depends upon the complexity of the proposed works.
  5. New water connections 
    • Where reasonably practicable, new connections will be provided within 21 days, following receipt of your payment and a request for a trench inspection.

      We will notify you in the event that an external factor prevents that happening.
  6. Applications for sewer connections 
    • We will respond within 21 days to all applications for the connection of a new drain or sewer to the existing sewerage network.

      Application forms and guidance notes are available.

  7. Requests for sewer adoption 
    • Guidance on submitting requests is contained within the current edition of ‘Sewers for Adoption, a design and construction guide for developers’ available from WRc (e-mail request to: publications@wrcplc.co.uk).

      We will notify you within 10 working days if anything is missing from your application, and provide full confirmation within 25 working days that your proposals comply with ‘Sewers for Adoption’.

      In the event that we anticipate being unable to meet any of the above timescales, we will notify you of the expected response time.

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