Things look a little different around here

We’re making changes to our website and contact channels to make interacting with us easier.

Back in August last year, we relaunched three online services to make it easier for you to pay your bill, submit your meter readings and close your account.

We’ve since welcomed the next addition to our website improvements – a new Your Account service. We’ve taken the most popular features within the existing Your Account and made them easier to use. This will gradually replace the current service in 2021.

We’ve also redesigned our services for moving into our area and creating an online account. 

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What’s to come?

We’re planning to launch further features into the new Your Account this year and we’ll also make changes to the way you interact with us via webchat, email or over the phone to make sure that we can give you the best service experience, while respecting your contact preferences.


Why are we doing this?

You deserve a refreshingly easy customer service – and we’re working hard to deliver this.

In our five-year Water for Life Business Plan 2020–25 we made a commitment to deliver great service for our customers. We don’t want you to have to contact us if you don’t want to. This means we need to provide you with more information, through better, more accessible channels and reduce the impact from service issues or disruptions on your everyday life.

When you do get in touch, we want to offer you an efficient, tailored and personalised service that also provides extra assistance to those customers who are in genuine need of support.


How can I get involved?

We want to make sure we’re developing the services you want, so your feedback and ideas are really important to us. If you’ve spotted something on our site that could be improved, or you have an idea that might help us make things easier for you, please let us know using our feedback form below.


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