In September 2017, we published Water Futures in the South East: Towards 2050, an independent report outlining the unprecedented change, challenges and opportunities facing our already water-stressed region.

Climate change, population growth and the needs of a dynamic economy all mean that finite resources, especially water, must be managed far more efficiently, effectively and innovatively. Embracing emerging technologies, adopting new ways of working and creating deep partnerships throughout the South East will enable us to do this.

So we’ve produced Southern Water Futures, which sets out how we’re responding to Water Futures and the steps we’re taking to build a resilient water future for the South East.

How hard and how fast we work will determine how well we achieve a resilient water future. Depending on the action we take, we could end up at a different point on a spectrum of different futures.

At one end is lack of action, where poorly informed decisions and lack of integration could risk degrading our environment and slowing economic growth.

In the middle, we continue investing and planning conventionally. Our environment is protected and slightly improves but growth is inhibited.
At the other end we fully embrace innovation, collaboration and new ways of working. Our regional thrives, supported by sustainably managed resources. We are working towards this ideal water future.

The diagram sets out how we’ll get there.

Firstly, we’ll ensure we’re brilliant at the basics. Doing this will set the foundations for our transformational initiatives and achieving our long-term priorities.

By delivering all of these we'll achieve our transformational outcome – a resilient water future for the South East.

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