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St Mary Bourne sewer flooding protection

We're taking action to help protect homes and gardens from sewer flooding in the historic village of St Mary Bourne.


Since February last year our sewer network in St Mary Bourne has been inundated with ground and surface water. However, throughout 2013 we conducted a £1 million project to survey and seal the sewers.

The success of this work meant we didn't have to use tankers to transfer wastewater from the sewers to the local watercourse until groundwater levels were 14 metres higher than during the winter of 2012–2013.

Infiltration Reduction Plan

We have further work to conduct once groundwater levels fall to appropriate levels. Meanwhile our Infiltration Reduction Plan (IRP), which sets out the strategy and actions to manage groundwater infiltration of sewers in St Mary Bourne and villages further upstream as far as Hurstbourne Tarrant, has been approved by local authorities and the Environment Agency.

The document is the first of its type in the UK and will be used as the template for IRPs in other towns and villages.

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