Technical Advisories

We are striving to make our processes clearer and more transparent. 

As a part of this, the following documents have been produced to help advise you on our technical requirements when considering developing within the Southern Water area.

They have been produced following review of Southern Water policies and the latest technical guidance.

Easements (PDF)
Stand-off distances (PDF)
Location of rising main (PDF)
Materials (PDF)
Planning comments (PDF)
Diversion example drawing (PDF)
Adoptable pumping station guidance (PDF)
Provisional certificate (PDF)
Foul Sewerage Modelling Criteria (PDF)
Tree planting guide (PDF)

Standard drawings

The following drawings can be used and branded with your Company and Project information including  logo, Project title and appropriate drawing number and submitted as part of an application provided that:

  • The drawings have been reviewed and assessed as suitable to meet the site conditions and specific site requirements, including Health and Safety, by a competent consultant acting on behalf of the Applicant (if not such a consultant)
  • That submission of such drawings as part of an application is deemed by Southern Water as the Applicant accepting design responsibility and liability
  • When referring to the manholes in a manhole schedule or other drawing, please include a reference to the relevant Southern Water Drawing Number. 

Drawing numbers 5,7,9 and 10 are for guidance only and designs should be submitted with further site specific detail.

1 Man entry chamber up to 3m (PDF)
2 Man entry chamber greater than 3m (PDF)
3 Non-preferred alternative man entry chamber greater than 3m (PDF)
4 Man entry chamber 1.0 to 1.45m (PDF)
5 Headwall detail (PDF)
6 Backdrop and bed and surround details (PDF)
7 Control chamber (PDF)
8 Man entry chamber up to 1.5m (PDF)
9 Typical type 2 pumping station layout (PDF)
10 Typical type 3 pumping station layout (PDF)

Terms and conditions

Section 41 Requisition for new mains (PDF)
Section 45 Requisition for new services (PDF)
Section 185 Water Main Diversion (PDF)