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Thanet sewers – Ramsgate

We have invested £20 million to renovate 12 kilometres of Victorian sewers across Ramsgate.

Southern Water - Thanet sewers investment

These unique sewers were built over a century ago by miners who dug underground tunnels through the chalk, up to 10 metres deep in some places.

These tunnels remain in place and continue to act as a conduit for the sewer network.

The sewers have served us well but were in need of some attention so they can continue to carry flows safely from properties in Ramsgate to Weatherlees treatment works.

Specialist technicians, trained to work in deep tunnels using breathing apparatus, worked to seal and line sections of the tunnels, repair existing sewers and build new pipelines.

Once the project was complete the team had:

  • Lined 5.5 kilometres of existing tunnels 
  • Rehabilitated more than 12 kilometres of sewers 
  • Built more than two kilometres of new pipeline 
  • Improved 98 manhole shafts 
  • Built 15 new manholes. 

The management and difficulties of working in such an inhospitable environment has been recognised within the industry with the project receiving a number awards for project management and safety.

This is part of a wider scheme to renovate sewers across Thanet, which represents an investment of more than £80 million over 10 years.

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