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Improving Thanet’s ageing sewer network

We’re planning a number of improvements to the sewer network in Broadstairs and Ramsgate to ensure a reliable wastewater service for our customers well into the future.

Thanet’s existing sewer network was constructed over 100 years ago, and although it has served us well, it’s starting to show signs of age.

Before we carry out our upgrade work, we’ll need to inspect the sewers over summer 2018, to help plan what improvements are needed.

  1. How will these surveys be carried out? 
    • Our teams will need to lift manhole covers to carry out checks on sewers underground. Each survey will take around two hours to complete.
  2. Where will you be carrying out surveys?  
    • We’ll be surveying sewers in around 170 roads throughout Broadstairs and Ramsgate and we’ll let customers know when we’ll be in the area. We’re working on a map that will be available here soon and as the work progresses, we’ll also add a list of the streets so you know where we are.
  3. Who will be carrying out the surveys? 
    • Our partners TPMD will be carrying out the surveys on our behalf.
  4. When will you be carrying out surveys? 
    • We’ll begin surveys from July 2018 and will be working from Monday to Saturday between 10pm and 4am, when wastewater flows are at their lowest. Due to the nature of our investigations, there may be a delay in completing our checks due to weather or encountering something unexpected, but we’re aiming to finish by the end of August.
  5. Will traffic be disrupted as a result of the surveys? 
    • We’ll be carrying out surveys overnight, when flows within the sewer network are lower, and there is less traffic on the roads. Where manholes are located on roads, we’ll make sure there is still room for vehicles to pass our working area. In some cases, we may need to operate temporary traffic management, but we’ll avoid this where possible.
  6. Will you need to come into my home to carry out a survey? 
    • It is unlikely that we’ll need access to your property, but if we do we’ll arrange this with you in advance. All our teams carry Southern Water photo ID cards that they’ll show you before entering your property.
  7. Will this work affect my water or wastewater services? 
    • Your supplies will not be affected and you’ll be able to continue to use toilets, baths, showers and washing machines as usual while we carry out our surveys.
  8. When will you be carrying out the improvement work? 
    • Once we’ve completed our surveys, we’ll finalise our plans for the improvement work, which we aim to begin in September. Depending on our survey findings, there may be a slight delay before we can start work while we review this information. We’ll contact customers in advance of any work starting in their area.
  9. What improvements will you be making to the sewer network? 
    • The surveys we’re carrying out will help us plan the best improvements possible to the sewer network. This could include replacing or relining sections of the Victorian sewer and upgrading manholes.
  10. What benefits will the upgraded sewer network bring? 
    • Our planned improvements will mean the century-old sewer network in Thanet can continue to provide a reliable wastewater service for customers for many years to come. Although the improvements will be made in Broadstairs and Ramsgate, the work will benefit the wider Thanet area by taking the strain off the existing network and allowing more capacity across the region. By improving the resilience of the network, this will also help the environment by reducing the risk of flooding.
  11. Will there be any disruption while you carry out the improvements? 
    • We’re aiming to start work on the improvements from September 2018, in order to avoid the summer holiday period. For the majority of our upgrade work, we’ll be using trenchless technology, which means we can avoid digging large areas of roads and pavements. This method also means we can carry out a large amount of the work through existing manholes, which will help avoid disruption. We’ll contact customers in advance of any work starting in their area.
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