Stay hydrated in the heat - Refill your bottle!

We may be asking households and businesses to use water sensibly during the heat wave as water companies up and down the country are working flat out to keep up with demand  but everyone must stay hydrated, according to Ben Earl, Southern Water's water efficiency manager.

 "We welcome businesses joining us in not washing fleet vehicles until the heat wave breaks or garden-lovers leaving lawns un-watered, but don't stint on drinking water" he says.

 "Carrying a reusable bottle of water is a great use of our delicious water from the South Downs. Tap water costs a thousand times less than buying a bottle, it doesn't generate plastic waste and it doesn't require extra water in making the single use bottle and transporting it," Earl says.

 "We sponsor the amazing Refill scheme in the region - download the app and find cafes and shops that will top up your own bottle for free to stay safely hydrated in the heat. Hopefully loads more business will sign up during the heatwave to take advantage of the extra customer visits it generates. And companies will be making sure their workers are safe and productive by spreading the word to keep drinking water during the day," he added.

 Refill is a national, practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing Refill Stations on every street. To find out more:  Download the Refill app on Android or Apple devices to locate the nearest place to top up.

 We are grateful to UK residents and visitors for all their support in using water wisely. For more water-saving hints and tips, please visit: