We're on hand across the Isle of Wight. First stop - East Cowes

On hand across the Isle of Wight

Water is essential for life, and we’re proud to be at the heart of it. 

Some of our customers may live in remote communities, some of which may be on the Isle of Wight for example, so that’s why we’ll be on hand in the area over the next few weeks to support our local customers and answer any questions or queries they may have.

We provide a vital water and wastewater service to 4.7 million customers, and we’re passionate about looking after our customers and communities, ensuring we provide the best customer experience possible.

We work 24/7 to keep things flowing but we know our customers need to get in touch with us from time to time - whether that’s to do with a bill, payment scheme or mains replacement work happening in the area.

There are also a number of things we would like to update everyone on. From cheaper tariffs, priority services and free water efficiency visits - there are lots of initiatives available that people may not necessarily know about.

Keith Herbert, IOW Operational Manager, said:

“We're trying to be more accessible so our customers can resolve their issues locally and face-to-face.

"The customer engagement sessions will be an opportunity to spread the word about what’s happening in the area, the wide range of services available to support customers in saving water, money and avoiding blockages, plus the extra help our vulnerable customers are entitled to through financial schemes and tariffs.”

So if you, or someone you know lives in the area, come along and chat to us - we’d love to see you.

Here’s where we’ll be heading from 10:30am to 3:30pm each day:

Wednesday 21 August East Cowes, Kings Square
Tuesday 27 August Freshwater, Moa Place Car Park
Wednesday 28 August Wootton, Brannon Way Car Park
Thursday 29 August Godshill, Car Park opposite The Griffin
Friday 30 August Wroxall, St Martin’s Road Car Park
Monday 2 September Ventnor, Central Car Park
Tuesday 3 September St Helens, Car Park on the Green
Wednesday 4 September Ryde, Town Square
Thursday 5 September Newport, Car Park at ASDA store
Friday 6 September Cowes, Car Park at ALDI store
Monday 9 September ALDI store between Lake/Sandown/Shanklin, (Car Park)
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