Seasonal water savers: seven tips for a cheaper, safer and healthier Christmas!

Christmas is a time for giving – but what about saving? Our seasonal water-saving tips could help you save money on your bills, keep your home safe and boost your health too:

1. Give your kettle a break – When you come in from the cold, nothing is cosier than a cuppa. Before you pop the kettle on, only fill it with the amount you need – as well as saving water, you’ll use less energy and it’ll boil quicker.

2. Save a tipple for your tree – If you’re rocking around the Christmas tree, staying hydrated is important. However, your tree gets thirsty too. Feed it leftover water from your bath, sink or vegetable pans. As well as saving water, your tree will dazzle for longer!

3. Wrap up your pipes – If you’re donning your finest festive knitwear, remember to wrap up your pipes too! When pipes freeze, the water inside expands which can lead to bursts. Lagging your pipes insulates them from the cold, helping to protect you from wasteful leaks, costly repair bills and the stress of dealing with a flood when you could be celebrating!

4. Wait one more sleep – Instead of defrosting frozen food under a hot tap, leave it in the fridge overnight to thaw. That way, you can even save water while you sleep.

5. Bathe your veggies – The holiday season is the time to pamper yourself, especially if you’ve been given some new smellies! But you’re not the only one you enjoys a dip – your veggies do too. Soaking vegetables instead of rinsing them under a tap saves water – and makes them easier to peel.

6. Have a white Christmas – We’re not talking about snow. Enjoy puffy, white clouds by steaming your vegetables instead of boiling them. It takes less water and your vegetables retain more nutrients, so you’ll be healthier too!

7. Let the dishes stack up – Let’s face it, you’d rather be celebrating than scrubbing dishes. Let your dishwasher do the dirty work. It uses less water than hand-washing – but only if you wait for a full load. So let the dishes pile up – it won’t take long if you have a houseful!

By saving water this season, your Christmas may be cheaper, safer and healthier. Now, that’s something to be merry about!

… and a savvy New Year?

If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution, why not try reaching Target 100? To help you on your way, we’ve prepared even more tips on how to save water in your home and garden: