Sandwich Bypass Road Repairs Get Underway

End in sight for commuter traffic misery as teams work extended shifts to reopen Southbound carriageway of A256.

Work to reopen the A256 to traffic heading South on the Sandwich bypass is set to begin this week.

Teams are already mobilising after surveys showed the crucial ‘geo-grid’ engineering on the embankment was intact and Kent County Council’s Highways Department gave the go ahead for work.

“We’re sorry this has all taken so long and we thank road users for their patience,” said Jonathan Yates, Southern Water project manager.

“The road is a particularly complex design and KCC had to be absolutely sure that neither the initial burst or our repair work had caused damage to the road structure – The Council must always keep public safety as its first priority.”

Teams will work extended shifts to complete road works as quickly as possible.

While reinstatement of the A256 takes place work will also be starting on replacement of the pipeline that crosses River Stour in Sandwich.

Original plans for a directional drill under the river have had to be altered due to the discovery of an archaeological artefact beneath where the drilling was to start.

With the cooperation of the tennis club and allotment owners, work will now starting on a new site for the drilling on 2 March and is set to take around 10 weeks.

“We know the use of tankers in Sandwich is causing upset and disruption and we are sorry. There is no realistic alternative to protect the environment and prevent homes flooding with waste,” said Yates.