Southern Water Promises to Put Homes to Rights in Herne Bay

Following the once in fifty year rain storm which caused flooding in Herne Bay and overwhelmed our wastewater network, Southern Water has pledged to ensure householders and businesses affected by the traumatic floods will not be left out of pocket.
Our customer service teams and clean-up crews continue to support affected residents. We have now disinfected and been using dehumidifiers in all homes and are also helping to assess and document any damage at this difficult time.
Southern Water’s will be telling impacted customers:
“We will ensure that we restore homes to their previous state and replace any items which have been damaged in this incident. Our priority is to ensure that your home is restored to its previous state and any items damaged are replaced as quickly as possible. We are committed to going the extra mile to support you at a difficult time. “
The pledge means Southern Water will reimburse any policy excess on household insurance and the company will pick up the full tab for any customer who does not have home insurance to put things right and replace damaged items. We are doing this because, regardless of the cause of the flooding, we want to ensure customers are fully supported.
Southern Water experts continue to investigate an issue where storm pumps may have failed to start up initially. Because of the quantity of rain, it is not yet known if internal flooding could have been avoided. As a precaution, if any rain is forecast for the area we will have technicians stationed at the pumps until we are able to confirm the issue.