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Supply and use of data by credit reference and fraud prevention agencies

What we do

When you become liable for services, Southern Water will do all or some of the following:

a) Check our own records for information on:

i) any previous accounts you may have had with us;
ii) and, if you have one, any previous accounts your financial associates* have had with us;
iii) if you are an owner, director or partner in a small business** we may also check on your business.

b) Search at a credit reference agency for information on:

i) your personal accounts;
ii) and, if you advise us that you have a spouse or partner who is jointly liable for payment or with whom you have any of the following with other organisations we will check your financial associates’ personal accounts as well:

  • Previously made joint applications
  • Existing joint account(s)
  • Financial links***

iii) if you are a director or partner in a small business we may also check on your business.

c) Search at a fraud prevention agency for information on you and any addresses at which you have lived and on your business (if you have one).

*A financial associate will be someone with whom you have a personal relationship that creates a joint financial unit in a similar way to a married couple.

You will have been living at the same address at the time. It is not intended to include temporary arrangements such as students or rented flat sharers or business relationships.

These persons, although jointly liable for charges will not be linked together at credit reference agencies.

**A small business is defined as an organisation which might be sole trader, partnership or a limited company that has three or less partners or directors.

***Credit reference agencies may link together the records of people that are part of a financial unit.

They may do this when people are known to be linked, such as being married or have jointly applied for credit or have joint liabilities such as joint accounts.

They may also link people together if they, themselves, state that they are financially linked.

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