Dealing with wastewater

We all use water every day but most of us prefer not to think about what happens after we've flushed the toilet, pulled out the plug or switched on the washing machine or dishwasher.

At Southern Water, we think about it all the time. It's our job to take wastewater and make it clean enough to put back into rivers and the sea, returning it to the water cycle.

In our film, see one of our wastewater treatment works, where we clean and safely recycle water to the environment every day of the year.


Every day we treat and recycle 700 million litres of wastewater at our 368 treatment works after it has travelled through our 39,000 kilometres of sewers.


Man-made technology and the power of nature are used to make wastewater safe to return to the environment.

One by-product of the process is 'biosolids' (sewage sludge), which is turned into fertiliser and sold to farmers for use on crops. 

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