Candover Drought Relief Scheme

We've signed a legal agreement with the Environment Agency to protect the Test and Itchen catchment in Hampshire. As part of this, we’ve committed to a range of environmental projects totalling almost £9.5 million. The Candover Drought Relief Scheme is one of these projects.

Find out more about the proposed scheme and details of events where we will discuss the scheme with Parish Councils, ahead of a wider public consultation planned for September/October 2021.

Views in the Candover area

The proposed scheme

The scheme currently being designed and assessed is a change from the previously submitted planning application, as Southern Water seeks to take account of and respond to objections that were raised. This will result in a new design and new route for the pipeline between Northington and Itchen Abbas.

Sign-post to Northington

The scheme is proposed to operate in the same way as the previously submitted planning application – to transfer water via a pipeline from the Northington Area to Itchen Abbas.

How the scheme would work:

  • Under a Drought Order, water would be abstracted from the existing Environment Agency boreholes at the three locations in the upper Candover Valley (between Preston Candover, Axford, Bradley and Lower Wield).
  • The water would be pumped through the existing buried Environment Agency pipeline to the Northington Area.
  • At Northington, Southern Water proposes a new temporary pumping station and a pipeline to connect to the existing buried Environment Agency pipeline, and to transfer water to Itchen Abbas.

The scheme will only be authorised to operate in a drought, and only when (in each individual drought) an application for a Drought Order for its use has been submitted by Southern Water and approved by the Secretary of State.

For more information, please read our frequently asked questions document:

Frequently asked questions

A stile in the Candover area

Meetings, drop-ins and next steps

Ahead of a wider public consultation planned for September/October 2021, we’re currently arranging resident drop-ins and meetings with Parish Councils to present and discuss details of the scheme with local stakeholders. We anticipate the planning application will then be submitted before the end of the year.

Parish Council meetings
Parish Council Date Time Location
Northington 8 September 2021 7-9pm Main hall, Northington Village Hall
Itchen Valley 2 September 2021 5.45-6.45pm Burge Room, Itchen Abbas Village Hall
Preston Candover 20 September 2021 7.30-8.30pm Preston Candover Village Hall
Resident drop-ins
Parish Date Time Location
Northington 22 September 2021 4-9pm Main hall, Northington Village Hall
Itchen Valley 27 September 2021 3-8pm Itchen Abbas Village Hall
Preston Candover 6 October 2021 3-8pm Preston Candover Village Hall
Consultation comments

This is an opportunity to provide comments to Southern Water on the scheme proposals, for use in finalising the details of our planning application. Comments should be sent to

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