Accommodating approved growth in Paddock Wood

We’ve now finished our upgrade works on the sewer and wastewater infrastructure in Paddock Wood, a £4 million investment.

Why was this work needed?

Paddock Wood is growing – once complete, more than 1,200 new properties will need to have access to essential wastewater services whilst our service for existing customers must not be affected. We’ve worked closely with the local planning authority, housing developers and others in the community to provide the right infrastructure, in the right place, at the right time.


What we’ve done

We took local feedback into account to adjust our plans before our team began work in October 2020. Since then, we have:

  • Installed a new, improved sewer in Ringden Avenue
  • Installed a new sewer that connects directly into Church Farm Wastewater Pumping Station, taking flows from new housing
  • Upgraded Church Farm Wastewater Pumping Station so we can now pump 75 litres per second, a 50% increase, thanks to more efficient pumps and better pumping technology
  • Undertaken surveys and follow up works in the sewers in Le Temple Road and Warrington Road
  • Surveyed nearly 3.5km of sewer across the wider Paddock Wood area so we can target future investment in the right place.


Local support has been invaluable

The support we received from local customers and stakeholders throughout the duration of the works was fantastic and key to us completing eight weeks ahead of schedule, at the end of April 2022.

Through continual engagement we tried to minimise the impact our works had on daily routines, whilst providing support to residents when requested.

Thanks to such strong local support, we were able to:

  • Provide access and respect for a funeral cortege, at short notice, with a temporary site closure
  • Liaise with the allotments association and customers to ensure material deliveries
  • Provide temporary disabled parking bays
  • Carefully remove trees to enable our works and re-plant during reinstatement
  • Undertake close monitoring of the balancing pond, flora and fauna during pipe boreing
  • Provide an earth bund upon request to alleviate surface water flooding to gardens caused by extreme weather
  • Proactively arrange customer visits
  • Positively consider a donation towards tree planting in Green Lane recreation field to commemorate the upcoming Queen’s Jubilee

We worked closely with new homes’ developers in Paddock Wood, ensuring a proactive and successful problem-solving environment. Our contractors, MGjV, also received many customer commendations and recognition from Kent Highways for the high standard of operation and site management.


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