Accommodating approved growth in Paddock Wood

As new properties are being built in Paddock Wood, we’re investing almost £4 million in a new sewer to support the expansion of the town.


Why does this work need to be done?

More than 1,200 new properties are planned to be built in Paddock Wood over the next few years and we need to make sure they have access to essential wastewater services.

We originally planned to upgrade the existing sewer network however this would have caused significant disruption, particularly around the town centre.

A new sewer system, comprising a pumping station, new pipelines and modifications to the existing flow conveyance to the wastewater recycling works, will be built to bypass the town ensuring there is no impact on the level of service provided to existing properties.


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Progress updates

Construction work will begin in the autumn of 2020 and will continue till autumn 2021. Once underway, we’ll post updates here.

We also plan to host local drop-in events for residents to ask questions – we’re working through how this can be organised in line with current government Covid-19 guidelines and will share details as soon as possible.


Sign up for updates

We will need to install traffic management along short stretches of the route for the phased pipe laying. Advance notice of where and when this will take place will be communicated via local channels. Should you wish to sign up for updates to be sent to you directly, please send us an email including your full name and contact email address.


Get in touch

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here, please call our customer service team on 0330 303 0368, quoting reference PRN 774800.


Questions and answers

Why is the ‘round the town’ solution better than network upgrades?

Upgrading the existing network to accommodate new development flows would require extensive disruption and road closures. Work would need to take place on deep lying assets, often constrained by other services.

The ‘around town’ solution will bypass the town ensuring there is no impact upon the level of service provided to existing properties.

What will be done to address the problems faced by existing residents?

We plan to survey all of the critical sewers (approx. 3km) within the Paddock Wood catchment as soon as possible. Critical sewers are those larger than 300mm in diameter and are often buried at depth.

Investigations into the potential root cause of historic incidents affecting areas served by Church Farm Wastewater Pumping Station are already underway, with CCTV having taken place in August 2020.

When will you confirm the location of the new pumping station?

Taking on board local feedback regarding the impact of siting a new pumping station within the car park of Foal Hurst Wood and following discussions with the borough council and developer, we are actively exploring the feasibility of two locations off Badsell Road. We will need to look at all relevant constraints, such as; technical feasibility, ownership, land designation, flood risk, environmental constraints and other issues before we can identify a preferred location.

Why can you not build the new sewer pipeline within the development sites?

Due to the presence of high voltage electricity cables, amongst other constraints, approximately 60% of the new pipeline will run within the public highway, including Badsell Road and Church Road.

What assessments have taken place to support the decision to utilise the existing Church Farm pumping station?

Extensive hydraulic assessments have been undertaken to assess the performance and capacity of Church Road Wastewater Pumping Station which recently benefited from a number of upgrades.

Why is the new pipeline not being built to accommodate all future growth as set out in the Tunbridge Wells Local Plan?

A further expansion of our network and wastewater treatment capacity will likely be required to cater for the additional homes outlined in the Tunbridge Wells Draft Local Plan. When more detail is available, and the local plan has been adopted, we will work closely with the local authority and developer to identify a suitable solution.

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