Chichester Pipeline

We're planning to build a 10km sewer pipeline that will run from the west of Chichester, across the north of the city and through to Tangmere, where it will connect to our Tangmere Wastewater Treatment Works.

We're planning to build a 10km sewer pipeline.

What are we doing?

We’re in the process of requesting planning permission for a new 10km sewer pipeline and upgrade and expansion of our existing sewer network. This will include three new pumping stations to take away and treat wastewater from proposed new homes, identified in Chichester District Council’s Local Plan.


Our proposals

In our current plans, the first pumping station will be at the start of the pipeline. A second will be built close to Madgwick Lane and the third in Tangmere, to the West of Tangmere Military Avitation Museum. The pumping stations will be largely below ground – all that will be visible above ground will be green kiosks and a treatment unit.


How we’ll build the pipe

The pipeline will be a maximum 315mm in diameter – roughly the same as a dinner plate. In some environmentally sensitive sections, we’ll be using directional drilling via small pits from which we can create tunnels to insert pipework, causing less disruption at ground level. Where this isn’t possible and we need to cut into the ground we’ll be reinstating it back to its original condition. The majority of the trench work will be in fields. Around 17 areas along the route will be used to store equipment for the works – again, we hope these will cause minimum disruption.


What impact will the project have on our area?

Protecting the environment and ecology is a priority for us and we must work within strict parameters.We’ve carried out a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment, working closely with local authorities, as well as organisations such as Natural England, the Environment Agency, Sussex Wildlife Trust and Highways England. Our work has included surveys to look for badgers, reptiles, bats and birds, among others. Working in the community, we’ll do all we can to limit disruption. We’ll always tell you before we start work in your area and will have dedicated customer liaison teams on hand.


What about any archaeological finds?

We’ve been working with a team from Archaeology South-East which unearthed some important relics, dating back as far as 1500BC. Among the most significant finds were:

  • A rare Bronze Age barrow (burial ground). Thanks to Archaeology South East for providing the drone footage below of the site (copyright ASE)
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