How organisations can reduce plastic pollution

Find out how your organisation can become a leader in tackling plastic pollution.

All organisations can make a difference. The suppliers we choose, the products we use and the culture we create in our workplaces can all reduce the impact plastic has on our planet.


Tips for going plastic-free

Even simple changes can drastically reduce your workplace’s plastic waste. For instance, you can switch plastic products for sustainable alternatives or introduce reusable or recyclable supplies. Here are some handy tips to curb your organisation’s everyday plastic use:

  • Surfers Against Sewage has selected some top tips to side-step single-use plastics in the workplace.
  • The Marine Conservation Society showcases some quick wins and long-term strategies for becoming a plastic-free business.


Join other thought-leaders

Issues that impact our environment affect all of us – and we all need to work together to solve them.

Your organisation can join other forward-thinking groups in tackling climate change by signing up to Waste to Wealth – an initiative founded by the charity Business in the Community.

You can sign up to the Waste to Wealth commitments and work alongside other businesses, government agencies and academics to be a force for change.


What about at home?

We can all fight plastic pollution with the decisions we make each day – both in and outside the workplace. In your home life, you can make small changes to reduce your everyday plastic use too.

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