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Around seven per cent of our water supply comes from surface water reservoirs. Below are details on four of these reservoirs.


The total amount of water we supply from reservoirs varies from about three to five per cent. 

We measure how full these reservoirs are and publish the results on our website every week (one megalitre = 1,000,000 litres):

  1. Bewl Water 
    • Capacity: 31,000 megalitres

      Bewl Water reservoir is the largest stretch of open water in the South East. It is set in 800 acres of the Kent countryside and attracts more than 150,000 visitors a year.

      It can hold more than 31 billion litres of water – enough to supply nearly 200 million people with water each day.
  2. Darwell 
    • Capacity: 4,730 megalitres

      Darwell reservoir, near Robertsbridge, East Sussex, provides water for the Hastings area.

      It was formed in the early 1950s and covers around 156 acres.
  3. Weir Wood 
    • Capacity: 5,600 megalitres

      Weir Wood reservoir, near East Grinstead, in West Sussex, is a popular recreational beauty spot.

      Activities on offer include sailing, fishing and the Millenium Walk footpath, with a picnic site offering spectacular views across the water.
  4. Powdermill 
    • Capacity: 1,060 megalitres

      Powdermill reservoir stores more than a billion litres of water, ready to be treated and supplied to our customers.

      The picturesque spot is popular with anglers and features public recreation areas and boating facilities.
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