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Water resources

To adapt to changes in the climate, we need to make better use of existing resources and develop new ways of supplying extra water with minimal impact on the environment.

We're closely monitoring weather patterns and water use to ensure the company has sufficient resources to meet the demand for water in the South East.

We do this through our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP). In the film above, our Water Planning and Strategy Manager Meyrick Gough talks about the need for the WRMP.

The WRMP is a 25-year plan and is updated every five years in coordination with our Business Plan. It includes our plans to secure drinking water and reduce leakage, as well as to meet future challenges, eg:

  • Climate change
  • Population growth
  • New legislation.

We published our WRMP for 2015–40 in October 2014. It underwent public consultation between May and August 2013, during which time we spoke to thousands of customers and community groups.

Our metering programme

As the population of the South East continues to rise, the amount of water we need to supply will increase even further, placing more pressure on local rivers and the already stressed natural environment.

We installed water meters for the majority of our customers in a five-year programme – an important part of our plans to manage water demand.

By reducing the demand for water, our metering programme is also helping to manage the power consumption of our water treatment works.

People on a meter tend to reduce the amount of water they use by 10 per cent

This means metering is good for the environment. WWF has called on all UK water companies to take action now to ensure metering is in place by 2020.


Tackling leakage is also a priority. We deliver one of the lowest levels of leakage per property of water and wastewater companies, beating our regulator Ofwat's target by four million litres of water per day in 2013–14.

Water efficiency

We help customers understand how to save water through our community activities and information on our website. We do this in a variety of ways:

Check out how to make your home more water efficient with our series of 'how to' films.

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