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Water supply — Guaranteed standards of service for business customers

Our commitments to you about water quality, supply issues, drought restrictions and leaks.

  1. Water quality 
    • The quality of water supplied to our customers is monitored by carrying out random sampling at customers’ properties and analysis of the samples as required to comply with the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000.

      Data for these samples is assessed by the Drinking Water Inspectorate to ensure that compliance with the Regulations is maintained. The results for samples taken in a particular area are available on this website by entering the postcode on our 'In your area' feature.

      In addition to the monitoring at customers’ properties, water quality is also measured at our own treatment works and service reservoirs.

      Quality at treatment works is subject to continuous monitoring which includes automatic shutdown facilities to ensure that, in the event of any failure in the treatment process, no detriment is caused to the quality of the water going into the public supply.

      We act immediately if we discover a quality problem in your water supply.

      If you complain about our water making you ill, we will contact you within two hours of receiving the complaint, provided we have a contact telephone number.

      However, if your complaint relates to another water quality matter, we will contact you within one working day. If we fail to meet these timescales, you will automatically receive a payment of £50.

      After sampling the water at your premises we will telephone the results to you within 48 hours for basic water quality tests, if you have given us a contact number.

      For those occasions where, due to regulatory requirements, we need to do more complex analysis, we will confirm our findings in writing within 10 days. If we fail to meet these timescales, we will make a payment of £50.

      In the unlikely event that we have to issue a boil notice because of a water contamination problem, we will make an individual assessment – in consultation with you – regarding the provision of an alternative water supply.

      Since each business will have different requirements for drinking water, the impact of such an incident will vary and each case will be individually considered having regard to the specific circumstances that apply.

  2. Discolouration 
    • Very occasionally you may find that your water supply is discoloured. This could be due to work being carried out on older cast iron mains and, although unsightly, poses no health risk.

      In most cases, water will become clear after running off the standing water for a few minutes. If you still have concerns after doing that, you can contact us to report it and, where appropriate, we will offer you further advice.
  3. Water pressure 
    • We will give advance notice of any significant planned pressure changes due, for example, to temporary re-zoning of supplies linked to major water mains work.

      Very occasionally you may experience a drop in your water pressure. If, through our fault, the pressure in the communication pipe falls below 7m static head (approximately 10lbs/sq in.) for more than one hour on two occasions within a 28-day period, you can claim £50.

      As it can be difficult to identify all properties affected by low water pressure, you are advised to make a claim to ensure you receive this compensation. Therefore all claims must be made in writing within three months of the later of the two occasions.

  4. Supply interruptions 
    • Planned: If we have to carry out planned work which involves interrupting your water supply for more than four hours, we will give you at least 48 hours’ advance notice of when the interruption will happen and tell you when we expect the supply to be restored. This will normally be within 12 hours (or 48 hours in the case of a strategic main).

      Unplanned: Clearly we cannot notify you before an unplanned interruption such as a burst, but we aim to restore your supply within 12 hours (or 48 hours in the case of a strategic main).

      If we fail to meet any of the above guarantees for either planned or unplanned interruptions, you will receive an automatic payment of £50.

      If an unplanned interruption extends beyond the appropriate period stated above, we will automatically pay you £50 plus £25 for each additional period of 24 hours during which the interruption continues.

  5. Drought restrictions 
    • Where your water supply is interrupted or cut off under the authority of a drought order issued by us, we will pay you £50 per day.

      However, no payment is made where circumstances are so exceptional that we could not reasonably avoid restrictions.

      The maximum amount payable will be limited to your total water supply charges for the previous year, excluding the charges for any supplies provided solely for non-domestic purposes.

      If you have not previously received a bill from us, the payment is limited to £500.

  6. Leakage 
    • The underground pipe taking water from our main to your private stop valve is called a service pipe. A service pipe has two parts:
      • That part of the service pipe for which we are responsible is called the communication pipe and runs from our main to the boundary of the public highway in which the main is laid
      • That part of the service pipe for which you are responsible is called the supply pipe and runs from the highway boundary to your private stop valve

      Where our main and/or part of the service pipe is laid other than in a public highway or your private property, we can advise you the limits of responsibility.

      It is our responsibility to repair any leak on the communication pipe or in the immediate vicinity of the meter.

      If the leak is on your private supply network, we will provide three hours’ free leakage detection work to help locate where the leak is.

      In addition, dependent upon the size of the problem, we can also provide a fully comprehensive leakage survey and repair service at competitive rates. This includes the services of a dedicated project manager. Alternatively, you may prefer to engage the services of your own contractor.

      We will consider making an adjustment to your wastewater volumetric charges following receipt of written confirmation from you that a water leak has been repaired and provided you can demonstrate that none of the leaked water returned to the public sewer.

      The period for which any allowance would be given normally starts with that covered by the bill immediately prior to the leak being repaired and ends with that covered by the first bill following the date of repair. No adjustment will be considered in respect of water supply charges.

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