Our Drought Plan

We published a draft Drought Plan earlier this year, which showed the steps we would take to keep supplying you with water during a drought.

We ran a consultation on this plan during March and April, to gather your views and feedback. 

We are now considering your feedback, and how we will update the plan to reflect your views, and we'll publish a response and revised Drought Plan in June.


You can download a summary of the consultation document or find out more about what is in our plan on these pages.


What's in our Drought Plan

A drought happens when there has been less rain than usual for several months and water supplies are running low.

As it gets drier, we take drought actions in phases:

Impending Drought
Severe Drought

During these phases, we help reduce the need for water by:

At the same time, we secure more water where it’s available by:

  • getting permission to take water from rivers and underground aquifers
  • bringing in water from areas not in drought – by pipelines or tankers
  • drilling new boreholes.

We also plan for Emergency droughts, when we would work with the Government to introduce rota cuts and standpipes to limit the supply of water. However, it is highly unlikely we would ever need to take this action.

Working with communities

We’ll let you know about droughts and our actions through the media, letters, advertising and face-to-face events when they happen.

And we’ll also work closely with environment organisations to protect the wildlife in our region and with trade organisations to protect jobs and the economy.

Visit our action pages to see what would happen at each stage of a drought.

View recent rainfall levels
View the current levels of our reservoirs

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