Water and wastewater services for Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
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Where our water comes from

We provide water services to two million customers and wastewater services to more than four million customers. Below we explain where our water comes from and the percentage from each source.

The majority (70 per cent) of our supply comes from groundwater, predominantly from the chalk aquifer which is widespread across the region.

A further 23 per cent comes from rivers and the remaining seven per cent from surface water reservoirs owned by the company.

A map of our region

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The water we take from rivers and aquifers is regulated by the Environment Agency through a permit system to ensure there is enough water available for plants and wildlife.

Because of the predominance of groundwater sources, rainfall during autumn and winter is critical to the availability of water resources across the region.

Every day we are working to ensure these resources are managed carefully to keep you supplied with water. See our film showing the journey water takes before reaching your tap.

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