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Working with conservation groups

We work with experts in conservation to run projects to improve the environment and open it up to our communities.


We are delighted to have developed highly successful working partnerships with a number of organisations.

Testwood Lakes

Our Testwood Lakes reservoir site, near Southampton, is managed by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust as a haven for birds and wildlife.

It is a successful site for breeding birds, butterfly, dragonfly and damselfly species, reptiles and otters.

The woodlands, hedgerows, grasslands, lakes and ponds are managed in a 10-year High Level Stewardship agreement with Natural England.

Hundreds of volunteers give time to support education and conservation at Testwood Lakes each year, including controlling invasive species and maintaining ponds.

Weir Wood reservoir

At our Weir Wood reservoir, in Sussex, we manage a conservation area in partnership with the Friends of Weir Wood volunteers.

We also partner with Sussex Wildlife Trust and Kent Wildlife Trust on projects and sponsor Kent Coastal Week during which children learn about marine coastal wildlife.

We have also supported Worthing Sub Aqua Club to research marine wildlife off our coastline as part of the Marine Conservation Zone project.

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