Did you know the South East of England is officially water-stressed?

With hotter summers and less rainfall, the water in our rivers, aquifers and reservoirs gets topped up less often. And a growing population in our region means we have more people and less water to go round. While we are working hard to increase our storage capacity and reduce leakage, we should all look to use less water where we can. Thankfully, when we work together, small changes make a lot of difference.

How much do you use?

Try our online calculator to estimate how much water and energy you’re using. We’ll give you handy tips on how you can use less to save both water and money!

Calculate your water use

Check for a leaking toilet

A leaky loo in your home can waste up to 400 litres a day. Find out how you can check if you're flushing away water and money every day, with every flush, without even realising it.

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Filling the dishwasher

Wait until you have a full load before running your washing machine or dishwasher. Cutting just one cycle a week will save over 5,000 litres of water and £7 a year.

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Four minute showers

Showering for just one minute less can save around 15 litres of water each time, and up to £75 a year off your energy bill. Keep it to under four minutes for even bigger savings.  

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What we're doing

Minimising leakage

We’re reducing the amount of water lost through leaks in our network. We’ve recently doubled the number of teams working 24/7 to find and fix leaks and are repairing nearly 300 leaks every single week.

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Water recycling

We’re introducing water recycling in four locations across our region which will enable us to provide a reliable water supply even in times of severe drought, and reduce the amount of water we need to take from the environment.

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Building a new reservoir

We're working with Portsmouth Water to build Havant Thicket Reservoir, the first new reservoir in the South East in decades to provide a reliable source of water for our customers that's fit for the future.

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Building new pipelines

We’re building new pipelines and pumping stations to connect our water supply works in Hampshire so we can move water around our network to reduce the amount we take from our environment.

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