Law change on private pumping stations

On the 1 October 2016 Southern water became responsible for eligible private sewer pumping station in our area.

Following a national and local publicity campaign, Southern Water has already been notified of more than 700 private pumping stations, by customers, that the company is now responsible for.

Southern Water does not hold any records about private sewer arrangements and relies on the public to tell the company about them.

Before Southern Water can adopt private sewer pumping stations they must meet eligibility criteria set by the government in its private sewer transfer regulations.


Adoption criteria

In order for Southern Water to adopt a private sewer pumping station, it must:

  • Be built before July 2011
  • Drain to a Southern Water sewer
  • Serve more than one property, each within a single curtilage, or if only one property the pumping station must be located outside of property boundary 
  • Not be part of a private treatment works, such as a cess pit or septic tank.

If you own a private sewer pumping station or know of one that fits the above criteria, please complete the data collection form.


Pumping station data collection form



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