Water-saving plant guide

Grow your garden – and help save water at the same time.

Create a beautiful garden with minimal watering using our plant guide. The guide helps you find and choose plants which are not only colourful, but thrive on less water. Simply click on the search function to select the place, soil and required flowering time of your plants.

There are lots of ways to save water in the garden, such as using a watering can to get water straight to the roots of plants, and watering in the early morning or evening - when the water evaporates less. Saving water in your garden, and elsewhere around your home, can also save you money on your bill. Find out more about our water saving campaign called Target 100. We’re also working hard to save as much of our precious water as we can - our team of leak busters find and fix leaks around the clock on our 13,905 km of water mains. 

We hope you enjoy using our guide. Have fun creating your garden!

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