Your Account – we're improving our online services

To help you interact with us more easily, we're trialling a new service for Your Account.

Some of the features aren't available in this version yet, so you'll still need to use the old one for some things.


Choose what you want to do below and we'll direct you to the best service:

What’s changed?

Our new service Your Account went live on 14th December 2020.

What does this mean?

Most of the popular features are now available in the new service for you to try today. Over time we’ll continue to add even more features to it, and at some point this year we’ll switch off the old service. But, we’ll only do this when we’re confident that you can do everything you need to without it. If the feature you want is currently unavailable (see below), please continue to use the old Your Account service – for now.

New service
Your Account
View your next payment and pay your bill
Submit a new meter reading
Set up or amend a Direct Debit
View your previous bill
View your account statement
View your water usage history
Update your paperless bill preferences
Update your contact details
Tell us you are moving

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All you need to get started is your customer reference number – you’ll find this on the top right corner of your bill.

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