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An aerial photo of Hillhead coast, its houses, beach huts and groynes

Our environmental performance

We want to provide greater transparency about our environmental performance. Below you can find more information and our latest updates.

An aerial shot of a river meandering at ninety degrees

Our commitment to the environment

We're committed to both protecting and improving our environment. A big part of this is being transparent about what we're doing and the progress we're making. 

From our goal of reaching net zero by 2050 to significantly reducing our reliance on storm overflows, we're focused on working in a responsible, sustainable way while delivering the service our customers expect. 

Together, we can create a resilient water future for our region. 

A photo of beach huts looking out onto a beach with sand groynes

Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force

We set up the Clean Rivers and Seas Task Force in 2021 as part of our aim to reduce the use of storm overflows across our region. 

The task force is responsible for delivering six Pathfinder projects between now and 2025. These projects aim to find innovative and sustainable solutions in areas affected by storm overflows or at risk of flooding. 

By forging strong partnerships with local communities and representatives, we're making good progress towards our goals.

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