How we keep your pipes clean

Our process for flushing sediment from the system.

To keep supplying you with high-quality drinking water, we sometimes need to move water through your pipes quickly to remove sediment that's built up over time. We call this process flushing.

Will my water supply be affected?

  • Water from your tap might appear cloudy or discoloured for a short period of time. As you run water through your tap, this should clear. However, if your water is still discoloured after 24 hours, please call 0330 303 0368
  • You may also experience a short dip in water pressure. Again, this will only be temporary

We monitor water quality throughout the flushing process to make sure that your drinking water remains of the highest quality.

In the unlikely event that you experience a more permanent change in the quality of your water or you have any concerns, follow the link to find out more about issues with your water's colour:

Issues with your water's colour


How much water is used?

We're committed to using the least amount of water possible, so we calculate what we're going to need for each section of pipework. This means we always use the smallest amount of water to clean effectively.


Can I use my washing machine and dishwasher if my water is discoloured?

Washing machines and dishwashers should only be used if your water supply is running clear.


Will my water pressure be affected?

We aim to minimise any disruption, but during cleaning some customers may experience changes to their water pressure. If we need to turn your water off we'll give you 48 hours notice.